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It can be perfect weather in the Spanish winter.  The pool does look attractive, but it will be too cold to use! 

ARCOS.SP sells several systems to make sure that you can use your expensive pool a lot longer. Even swimming the whole year round is possible. But doing so means using a lot of energy. Our objective is to use as little energy as possible but still be able to use your pool.

To heat your pool we can use solar systems, air to water heat pumps or our exclusive Piscalor system.  The Piscalor system is a ground source heat pump combined with solar heat collection. This system uses the soil as a heat store. The sun during the daytime is used not only to heat the pool but also to preheat the soil, to be able to have high efficiency at nighttime. Even when there is no sun the solar system will act as a soundless source that will extract heat out of the air.

Contact us to get the best advice about the most suitable system for you.