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arcos confort

ARCOS CONFORT is the most complete system for a comfortable house. A computer regulates the under floor heating/cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning to give you the best comfort with as little energy use as possible.

Under floor heating will be the main source because it is the most comfortable way of heating and cooling. When necessary the computer will start the air-conditioning. This for instance when swift changes are wanted or to lower the humidity in the air. It also uses the ventilation system to further improve the quality of the air inside the house.

You only have to adjust the thermostat and the computer takes care that you will be in a very comfortable environment. The system also offers the possibility to control your house from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet.

If wanted we can also get you a complete domotica system with which it is possible to regulate amongst other things the lights in the house, sunscreens, security system and video/audio equipment.

click here to download the brochure of our ARCOS CONFORT system.